کتب استاد مهدی خدامیان


کتب استاد مهدی خدامیان

More thirsty than water

         A talk about aboalfazl abbas

And adventures karballa

In the name of magnificent God

It was night and was spring.

Perfume of blooms reached to the nose, the light of moon, surrounded surface of “Forat” stream. “Forat” is the name of a stream in “Karbala”.

“Karbala” is a piece of the earth that hundreds years ago occurred in that distressful  accidents that history. Have deposited to his mind. “Karbala” to day is a city of “Aragh” country, water of “Forat” is current in it quickly as if it is moving hurry toward in the faint goal.

I was standing motionless at the side of “Forat” also ,I am thinking that as if “Forat” is worried about accidents which are happening here too.

While I looked at your tear that was circled in your eyes as if you had strange feel, too.

I guess you intend to speak, with me about your feel, but terms don’t help you.

You waited a little, at last, request of me, to write a story about water-carrier of “Karbala”, story about his ideology.

You said me, you had his love, in your mind, but you don’t know about him, many thing.

You said:

You had, tendency to know, about him, more and more, at last, we separated from, each other, and 1 went toward house,

When I reached I began to think about your speech, what strange feeling was in your words, tear of your eyes, put its effect.

This love was not thing that ,be, possible exceed, from it simply.

Tomorrow morning, when I went out from house, my mind had other state.

I went to an assembly where was established, ceremony mourning for “Abbas” salutation to him.

There, I was able to speak with him comfortably, what I must to tell him, I told.

I must to confess trifling person like me who has attained success to writing story about “Abbas” must be happy.

In spite of this reality, my hope was only to his kindness. 

Most people know him as “chapter of necessity” or “Bab Al Havaege” this title mean, he is accomplisher of all great wish by permission of God. At this way I had need to the help he. And now thanks God that this work was organized.

So I ,granted, my financial rights related to this book.

So all publishers are permitted to edit this book repeatedly and unlimited numbers and distribute  in vowed for “Abbas”salutation  to him.

I want to say this speech:

Oh “Abbas” never would be comparable, kingdom of the world with manservant of you.

I am worry that you don’t accept me ,as your servant

Mehd,i Khoddamian


Part 1

Where have I stood, I have stood ,in location,that ,  this river come from, what is the name of this stream.

I must investigate about it, according to my investigation the name of this stream is “Alghameh”.

It has been sourced from “Forat” and then , arrive to this era.

Why this large river named “Alghameh”?

It is ,current at this territory from more than thousands years ago, at this side of this stream a tree was grown, which “Arabs” named it “Algham”. It has sourced from “Forat” and  arrived here. The name of this large – river, became “Forat”. “Alghameh” is the stream that summons me toward “Forat”.

Here is “Karbala” I intend to go to the “Forat” I have to depart in direction of this large – river I have to go, there is not enough opportunity.

Now , the time of flight is near who that has created the thought of flight in my mind, is the same person that caused to understand that I must not be captured of this world, but I must depart.

Oh , “Forat” oh , running water, I have come toward you, I have come from beside of “Alghameh”.

So , I never would lose my course.

“Forat” is bright and calm running water, a whisper is listened from it, if, it be listened well the sound of thirsty would be heard from it.

“Forat” is also thirsty ,although, go toward the sea, what is the story, it let-out the shout of thirsty, while is going toward sea, to be satiated from water there is a long distance.

I waited for a long time at the side of “Forat” my Puzzle remains unsolved.


I took my decision, I came back I have come from “Karbala” toward “Forat” and now again I will return to “Karbala”.

 My look is,toward , water which is flowing in this stream because this water is current toward “Karbala” I also go toward that goal.

What is this clamor , what is news  here.

The sound of drums are listen, as if, this is the sound of war drum.

Yes, look, thousands men, swords in their hands, are standing in range.

It is said, thirty thousands men have surrounded Karbala”, shout of them go to the sky.

All soldiers are waiting to the order of “Omar Saad” for beginning war.

Look, a smile is appeared in the feature of him, he is happy from excitement.

At last, he began to talk, he began his speech so such:

Oh my votaries, if you be killed, in this war, you are martyr and would go to the paradise, because you are combating in the way of God.

As you know “Hossain” has left religion of God and he intends to create disunite between Muslims.

You have caught in your hands swords to guard Islam this action is, for, survival of Islam.

By listening this speech all soldiers began to slogan the sound of “Allah O Akbar” “God is greater, resounded at this space.”

They were showing their sword above their head ready to combat with Hossain salutation to him.

I was astonished and amazed.

At last I understood security oppression of  “Hossain” salutation to him, because his enemy was thinking combat with he ,would be device of going to paradise.

Speeches of “Omar Saad” effected on ignorant people, because they had accepted, that, Hossain, has abandoned religion of God,so  killing of he is a  necessary.

This was the very same deception which had brought them to the war with “Hossain” salutation to him. “Omar Saad” has come for this war in representation of materialists that have settled him as puppet religion.

He always was thinking about government of Ray, enthusiasm of power was caused that he became blind.

Government of ray mean domination on a part of center of Iran.

He introduced Hossain as  enemy.of, God

To reach to this power, he deceived people from this way.

After some moment, while “Omar Saad” pull his hand on his beard said: oh ,army of God be ready to go ahead, toward paradise.

Oh “Alghameh” stream, where did you bring me this is the stage of war, the war that ignorant have risen against wisdom.

They intend to pour blood of “Hossain” salutation to him at this territory.

Look at this side, do you see small comp with a little group soldiers, one gentleman has stood a side of tents, he is guarding.

This gentleman is whose braveness and whose zeal that these traits are  apparent,from his feature he is attentive of all things.

He has under view, behavior and action of enemies he is “Abbas” salutation to him. Commander of army at “Karbala”.

I went more ahead I saw “Hossain”  salutation to him he sat at the side of his tent.

From his face is clear ,disloyalty of people of “Koofeh” have impressed on him.

They invited him but today have come to war with him. The sound of drums were listen, Koofian intend to start war.

“Hossain” salutation to him looked at the army of Koofeh, thirty thousand soldiers intend attack to this side.

“Hossain” salutation to him called “Abbas” salutation to him, he came before his brother got-off from horse he faced to “Abbas” and said: My life be sacrifice to you, go and investigate to see what is news, what they want, so that, they intend attack so hurry.

This speech of “Hossain” salutation to him address to “Abbas” Forced me to think “Hossain” salutation to him, who, is, proof of God, address to his brother my life be, devotion to you, who, is this “Abbas” that Hossain salutation to him address him by these words.

After listening order of his brother “Abbas” salutation to him, rode on his horse along with twenty soldiers departed toward “Koofian” army.

He is the son of “Ali” salutation of him, champion of the field of faith, he knew well how do stop this huge army he was not afraid from enemy.

He has great love in his heart and has faith to his way, so attacked to the center of army “Koofeh” he directly went toward “Omar Saad” the sound of “Abbas” salutation to him resounded in the field.

Suddenly more than thirty thousand soldiers stopped in their places.

When “Koofian” army noticed that “Abbas” is coming toward them, dread and fear dominated to them.

It was certain that people, who, have come for, war and have greedy of money and reward very soon dread would dominant in their heart. With seeing “Abbas” “Omar Saad” ordered to his army be stopped.

Abbas address to “Omar Saad” said: what is news what do you want from this insurrection.

“Omar Saad” answered our speech is that either you must allegiance with “Yazid” and accept his government or be ready to war.

Although Abbas knew well that “Hossain” salutation to him never would  allegiance with “Yazid”nevertheless  said: be wait I would carry your message for my brother and then would bring his answer, so, he came back before “Hossain” alone,

The rest of his soldier stayed in front of “Koofian” army this matter is noticeable that “Abbas” did not answer without permission of his brother it was for his respect and his politeness rather his brother.

“Abbas” came before his brother and retold speech of “Omar Saad”.

“Hossain” salutation to him, immediately said to “Abbas” go and request from “Koofeh” troops, only this night as opportunity for us, because I want to lover-talk with my God. God know that I love to speak with him.

“Abbas” returned quickly.

All glances were toward him, in fact all people want to know what answer he has brought. He stood in front of army and said:

My master request of you to give us only one night as opportunity. 

Suddenly silent became prevail at all place he said: the son of prophet requested of you one night as opportunity.

“Omar Saad” began to consultation with his commanders and then ordered to them to go back. They agreed to start war tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow was the day “Ashoora”.

At the sunrise the war would start.

When army return toward to their camp, Abbas and his companions also went back to the tents.

Part 2

It was night the sky is dark, tonight Hossain was performing prayer, has companions also were reciting “Koran” and put their ,forehead  on the earth and exchanging of love with their God.

Tonight “Abbas” was guarding tents he was riding on his,horse  turning around of tents, he was attentive all things. a sound break silent   on the space:

Where are my nephews, whom was the own of this sound who were summoned.

He was “Shemr” riding on horse, a little farther had stood in front of the tents and shouted where are my nephew where are “Abbas” “Jaafar” “Abdolah” and “Osman” the sons of “Om Al Banin”.

As we know “Shemr” was one of commanders of “Koofeh” troop.

Before some hours he had saw that how “Abbas” stood in front of “Omar Saad” and force him to retreat. He intend to separate “Abbas” from his brother. He alone was equal to half of army of “Hosain” all hopes were depended to him and calmness of these collection were depended to his existence.

Truly why “Shemr” called them nephew. As we know “Om Al Banin” was mother of “Abbas” she was the wife “Ali” salutation to him and  also she was from “Bani Clab” tribe.

“Shemr” also was from the same tribe so he called them nephew.

again ,the sound reflected “I want to see Abbas but he didn’t answer to Shemr”.

He didn’t intend to be colloquist with “Shemr”  he shouted “I have come to see my nephew” at last “Hossain” Salutation to him called “Abbas” and said:

Although “Shemr” is immoral human but he is calling you as nephew go and see what he wants?

“Abbas” obeyed command of his brother rode on his horse and went toward “Shemr” and said

What do you say what do you want.

“Shemr” said you are my nephew I have brought for you immunity I have come to rescue you from killing.

“Abbas” answered,  damnation of,God be for you and your immunity he said this and returned.

The answer of he, was as much as decisive and sharp that didn’t remained situation for any talk. “Shemr” who became faced to defeat of his plan, returned to the comp angry and shamed.

I, intent to go back to the “Alghameh” again because this “Alghameh” was that brought me to this territory, this stream, which called me toward itself.

When I reached near “Alghameh” a group of soldiers came toward me, they surrounded me and asked what do you want here? Who are you?

I answered I want to go a side of “Alghameh”. They asked, where you come from, what do you want? What do you want to do?

I answered I am a historian I intend to narrate accidents of tonight for my readers. 

They said you don’t have admission nobody have admission to enter in this place. This is order of commander.

Again my glance attracted to “Alghameh” under the light of the moon, water that  was flowing, because they didn’t admit me to enter I sat at a corner began to think.

I was thinking about speech of “Abbas” why he told to “Shemr” those words? What was secret in these speeches?

 “Shemr” had brought immunity for him, why he damned “Shemr”? Who would solve this puzzle? It is necessary to think about this incident what “Shemr” wanted from “Abbas”.

Indeed , he wanted separate him from his imam. “Shemr” didn’t intend to give immunity to him but intended separate “Abbas” from his brother, the goal of “Shemr” was changing the course of “Abbas”.

He intended to give him a life complete calm, but to catch from him leadership of Hossain salutation to him.

“Shemr” intended Forced “Abbas” to accept, leader ship of “Yazid”.


Oh “Abbas” with this action, you have sent a message to entire of history, your message was, every one intend separate you from your imam you will conflict with, he, decisively.

If you accepted suggestion of “Shemr” it would be caused your fall.

“Abbas” Noticed well that “Shemr” summoned him to dangerous precipice.

He noticed that separation from his imam is dangerous precipice,  then he avoided of it.

“Shemr” summoned he, toward power, wealth and position, if he had gone along with “Shemr” Certainly he reached to all these goal but lost Hossain. So he remained with Hossain, although he knew that tomorrow would be day of  swords and spears, the day which, he must sacrifice his life in the way of Hossain.

Strokes of swards, the rain of arrows and spears were in wait of him but he chose being with “Hossain” this was correct way that  we recite in pray.

«اِهدِنا الصِّراطَ المُستَقیم»

When "Shemr" brought immunity he damned "Shemr" and decided to remain with Hossain.

Perhaps many people think being or going he, in condition that he was only one person what damage or benefit had for Hossain , in each conditions all persons would be killed never the less, he remained where why?

I imagine he didn’t think about result, but though about duty.

When he rejected immunity that "Shemr" was, brought, he decided to remain with "Hossain" salutation to him. I,wish “Obydolah Jaofy”  had though like he too. I wish he also thought about duty not about result and output.

Readers may ask who was “Obydolah Joefy”? Listen: it was the first day of the “month” of “Moharam”.

Hossain didn’t still arrive in “Karbala” his caravan was coming toward there.

From distance far away a tent appeared, a horse was standing at the side of tent, a spear had been stabled on the earth, this tent was belong to a person named “Obydolah Joafy”.

He was from famous athletes, and braves of “Arabs” due to his braveness, his name made feel shake to the body of people of “Arab”.

What this athlete was doing there. Why he has stayed there.

He had come out from “Koofeh” never "Omar Saad" request of him to participate on the war with "Hossain".

When "Hossain" salutation to him saw his tent went near him and said:

You know that “Koofian” invited me by many, many letters, but as you see they have broken their vow. In this conditions don’t you want to do action that God pardon all your guilt. 

He said: how is possible God pardon my guilt’

Hossain answered by my help.

“Obydolah said”: oath to God, I know everybody who help you  would be fortunate in the resurrection day but I am only one person and I am not able to do any work.

All people of “Koofeh” would come to war with you so, what is difference between being with you or not, the number of them is very large, and to day I am not ready to death. Therefor I can not to come along with you, but, I gift you, this horse also I have a valuable sword, I will present to you.

Hossain salutation to him said, I need your help not your horse not your sword, in this case if you don’t aid me go away from here, perhaps, listen the sound of my oppression, because, if you listen my sound and don’t help me, your place would be in heel.

So such “Obydolah, Joafy” became deprived from great blessing.

He thought about result this suggestion not about his duty.

He imagined helping to Hossain has not advantage because “Hossain” would be killed whether he help or not.

Abbas salutation to him teaches to all people to think about duty, whether they reach to desirable result or No.


Part 4

I stood up from my place, I must to keep opportunity I must to watch accidents and write about it, the night was most sensational night of history, in the army of "Koofeh" devil did guffaw , the sound of dancing, gambol and cheerfulness resounded at all place as,if devil has opened more than thirty thousand mouth and laughed.

But on the other hand in the comp ground of Hossain salutation to him the sound were calm similar the sound of water that was flowing and running to attach to the sea.

 I heard the sound of beat of the heart of angels. Those have come to watch tear of buddies of God.

  A group were in bowing down, others were in reciting “Koran”.

According to the news spread ,in tents "Hossain" salutation to him has called his votaries, all persons collected their prayer  rug in a hurry and went toward tent of “Hossain” salutation to him all of them entered to the tent, what pleasant tent was here, smell of paradise reached to noses.

All people were watching their imam ,were thinking that what order he would, issue, whatever, be, they would obey by their life and heart.

"Hossain" salutation to him stood up and said: I worship compassion at, God, and gratitude him in happiness, and all sorrows.

For some moment, Hossain became silent, all persons were waiting to continue his speech ,address to his votaries he continued:

My good votaries, I don’t know any buddies as good and loyalties as you.

As you know we have only to night as opportunity. I permit to all of you to go from this dessert. I repealed allegiance from your charge because tomorrow is the day of war.

Go, nothing would be,  obstacle for going you. Now a day, is night so use from darkness go from, here and leave me alone.

“Abbas” along with brothers stood up while their sound was shaking, as if he was crying said:

Under no, the day that, we remain alive and you don’t be among us.

With listening this speech tear circled in eyes Hossain “Abbas” also began to cry.

Oh "Abbas" tell me secret of your tear at that night, why did you weep I have saw your braveness, when you sent away an army, then why did you weep so such. It is said: man doesn’t cry in front of others but when I saw your tear I understood this speech forever can not be correct.

Whenever great sorrow do  encircle your heart, naturally your tear became flow.

Oh "Abbas" what was your sorrow?

It is certain that sorrow as much as be greater, tear of man would be more, and, also his  message would be greater.

Your weep was resulting of loneliness of Hossain, he was in surrounding of enemies, you know well if  these  persons also leave “Hossain” he became lonely and forlorn.

Oh "Abbas" you are famous as chapter of necessity, please request from God to get me recognition and understanding for thinking about my religious leader ship.

Today and from a long time ago, my imam has been at the back of curtain of absence.

Most people have forgotten him  and also I  have forgotten him.

We are captured in the epoch of blackness ,nobody thinks about he. I also spend live in forgetfulness, In spite of this matter, I am happy that his love  is flaring ,in my heart.

Oh "Abbas" you encouraged votaries of "Hossain" by your tear they stood   ,one after one and talked about their lovely toward he.

Each of them announced their loyalties by special language.

Most of them took an oath that would not leave him and would defense from him with life and heart and now "Hossain" salutation to him ,was looking votaries with deeply and meaningful glance and did prayed about them and said to them: oh my votaries, put your head up toward sky and see your place in paradise.

All of them looked up at that time curtains moved a said and paradise has appeared, Hossain called his votaries one after one and showed them their places. What beautiful situation was there.

Part 5

At this moment the sound of “Azan” for morning pray was resounding.

"Hossain" salutation to him along with his adherents began to pray.

After pray he addressed to his votaries and said: my buddies be aware that martyrdom is near, be patient, paradise of God is near.

My votaries you would become tranquil from grief and suffering of the world and would depart very soon to paradise.

All his votaries said: We are ready to devote our life for you. Then Hossain salutation to him organized his army, he divided them in three group, the right and the left and center group.

“Zobair” became commander of the right bunch “Habib Ebne Mazaher” commander of the left bunch and he himself under took commander ship of central bunch.

Any way all troops became ready to war "Hossain" deposited flag of troop in the hand of his brother "Abbas" so he is to day standard bearer at the plain of "Karbala".

This was position which to day Hossain salutation to him has gifted to "Abbas".

“We “shiayan” know well that each flag that be raised at everywhere in the name of Hossain is memorial of Abbas”

By arrival of the month of “Moharam” this is his flag that arise at all places.

You have kept flag of truthfulness in your hand, until this flag is in your hand troops of justice would be permanent. What glory and magnificence has this flag. The flag that is in your hand, as ,we know , in the war, flag would be deposit in the hand of bravest commander, "Hossain" was the son of “Ali” salutation to him, so , he was bravest commanders and now perhaps readers want to know who was Ali salutation to him.

He was soldier that history never would forget his braveness although this pen is not able to explain his braveness but today I intend to try give explanation a part of his braveness which have come in history.

As we know at the beginning of  appearance of islam the time that prophet emigrated from city of “Make” to the “Medina” city, after one year that this event occurred the first year “Hejry” started, our story happened at the fifth year of Hejry” at that time a war happened which was famous to “Khandagh”.

In this war Idolisms of “Make” departed toward “Medina” prophet that was aware from this plan previously, had ordered to dig a ditch around of city.

When troops of enemy reached to the city of “Medina” in evitable stopped at the back of ditch.

“Amr, ebnb, Abdowad” one of the famous athletics of “Arab” was along with their troops. He was under oath that would jump from over of this ditch by his horse. He did his swear.

It was said: he is an alethic who is equal to thousand soldiers.

At the field of war the sound of “Abdowad” resounded in space he said: whether there is anybody to combat with me?

Reverberation of his sound was going until far away. But nobody answered.

He repeated his speech several times.

Last time “Abdowad” shouted and called antagonist while moved his sword on his head and said: oh Muslims whether do you not claim you will go to the paradise when you kill ,then, why nobody come toward me until I send him to paradise.

Again no  Muslims did not answer.

“Ali” salutation to him waited some moments. As if he thought perhaps there was a person to want to go to combat with him.

Regarding to, many people were older than Ali he waited for respect them but nobody answered to him.

At last “Ali” salutation to him decided to go to the field.

His sound reverberated in space.

Oh God prophet whether you permit me to go for combat with “Abdowad”.

Prophet face to “Ali” salutation to him said: do you know this man is “Abdowad”, immediately Ali answered: I am also Ali the son of “Abootaleb”.

By hearing this speech tear flowed from prophet eyes.

Truly what beautiful answered“Ali” and then he came to the field then, address to “Abdowad” said: how much did you hurry to call rival, be aware I am very same person who have come to combat with you.

After some minute war started between them at last Ali salutation to him thaw “Abdowad” on the ground and became victorious.

The sound of “God is greater” by Muslims was resounded in space. The word of “God is greater” is slogan  of Islam.

Prophet face to his adherents said:

Stork of Ali at this day Before God is more eminent than worship of “Jinn and human”

To day is famous in history as “Khandagh” day.

* * *

Oh, "Abbas" history say, you have had a brother named “Mohammad, Hanafieh”

“Hanafieh”is the second name of he, this name was received from his mother. As we now " Mohammad of Hanafieh and "Abbas" “Hosain”and Hasan   were brothers but from three mothers, mother of Hossain and Hasan  was Fatima, Fatima was daughter prophet, mother of Abbas was Fatima famous to “Om al Banin”.

The reason of that “Hanafieh” to day not presence at “Karbala” was  the time of moving Hossain toward "Karbala" he was sick and he was not able to move. The reason that I mention of “Mohammad Hanafieh” was that I wanted to speak a little about the war of “Seffian” in proportional to.

When Ali salutation to him located in front of troops of “Moavieh” at the first, he gave war flag in hand his son “Mohammad Hanafieh” and request of him to attack at the center of “Moavieh” troops.

Mohammad glanced toward field of war dread and fear surrounded him and said: dear father look at the field of war, arrows and spears are coming toward us like drops of rain.

“Ali” salutation to him glanced at his son and immediately retook the flag and he himself attacked to the center of troop. This fear by his son was unusual in Ali’s family.

What was the reason of fear of Mohammad, apparently he had inherited this fear from family of mother.

And now that the speech reached to this point ,I want to speak a little about “Om al Banin” and her traits and her family.

Years after martyrdom of “Fatima” the wife of “Ali” salutation to him he decided to marriage again, he was aware that offspring would inherit braveness from father and also his mother.

“Ali” had a brother named “Aghil” who was familiar to tribes of “Arab” and knew well their traits and their ancestry.

“Ali” decided to request of help from his brother for marriage, so he referred to he and said: I intend to marry again and I want to have a brave son therefore I am looking for a girl from brave family, and now I need to your help.

“Aghil” accepted and began to think. By the way why Ali salutation to him was following a brave son.

What was the reason, as we know, Ali had two other sons including “Hassan and Hossain” salutation to them, and we know their braveness’s were famous completely their mother were “Fatima” apparently Ali knew something that no body and also “Aghil” didn’t know.

Ali knew that one time people of "Koofeh" would invite "Hossain" salutation to him and would abandon him and would stand in front of him for war “Ali” wanted to have a brave son who assistance his brother at the day of “Ashoora”.

“Aghil” needed an opportunity for help to him,  many girls had desire to marry with “Ali” salutation to him, but “Aghil” must investigate about this matter.

By the way who was able to birth such brave son.

 * * *

“Aghil” began to looking for about a tall girl from brave families. After some days “Aghil” must found family that their braveness be famous. At last, he remembered “Amer”.

Who was “Amer”?

He was famous to «لاعب الاسنه»

This word mean who used spears as toy. Lion man who didn’t dread from spears and arrows, he went among arrows and spreads easily, so such, as if, he is going among drops of rain.

“Aghil” was also familiar with poem; he had heard this poem that a poet had said about “Amer” when “Amer” is going to a war, as if he has collected power of an army in himself.

Yes, “Amer” was a man who was standing in front of an army alone.

Although “Amer”  “Had been dead” years ago, but “Aghil” was thinking about him, because he knew that his race were remaining.

So “Aghil” was looking for a girl among them.

Whether there was a girl from “Amer” race at threshold  of marriage.

“Aghil” investigated from all people at last became familiar with a woman named “Somameh” she was granddaughter of “Amer” she had a girl named “Fatima”.

“Aghil” had heard that “Fatima” was tall-girl named “Fatima”.

“Aghil” came before “Ali” happily and said event. “Ali” salutation to him approved selection of his brother and sent him before her parent to marriage proposal, he negotiated with them, they became  very happy.

It was their point of view  that what honor is upper than being “Ali” salutation to him, as, husband of their daughter, then, they retold this suggestion to Fatima she also accepted this preposition and thanks God deeply. Ceremony of marry settled after short time Ali salutation to him brought his new wife to his house after marriage Fatima with “Ali”, God granted them several sons so that Fatima became Famous to “Omal Banin”.

This word is “Arabic” it mean  mother of sons, so  we obtained information,that, original name of mother of “Abbas” was “Fatima” and she was from lineage of “Amer”.

She was daughter of granddaughter of “Amer” so braveness and courage was in her existence.

* * *

After sometime, newborn from “Ali” and “Fatima” came to the world, Newborn was settled on the hands of “Ali” he, glanced to the feature of "Abbas", kissed him and named "Abbas".

At that day nobody knew that how much “Ali” salutation to him was happy, he saw braveness and courage in the sons feature.

"Abbas" salutation to him was a store for the day of “Ashora”.

The day that Hossain was lonely and alone at the field of Karbala.

At that day "Abbas" was only supporter of "Hossain" salutation to him.

What was the reason of that, at that day, Hossain selected “Abbas” as his pioneer and gave flag of troops in his hand.

I found my answer. because there was not anybody bravest than "Abbas" he was inheritor courage and braveness from his parent.


Part 6

Today is “Ashora” war drum started.

Troops of Koofeh moved toward the field of war the sound of “Omar Saad” resounded at the field of "Karbala" and shouted.

Oh God troops, move toward to “Paradise”. The army of "Koofeh" moved and stood in front of "Hossain".

He faced to “Koofian” and said:

Oh, people, listen to my talk, don’t hurry to start to war, I want to advice you.

Suddenly the breath imprisoned in their chests. “Hossain” continued his speech and said:

Do you identify me, think for a moment, why do you intend to kill me? Whether I am not the son of prophet’s girl.

Silence surrounded in all “Koofeh” troops, no body answered, "Hossain" salutation to him continued: you will not accept truth speech, because your stomach is full of illegal portion.

illegal property is reason of darkness of your hearts,

At this moment “Omar Saad” ordered to his soldiers to make sound, so that the sound of “Hossain” doesn’t be heard.

He was afraid that speech of "Hossain" be ,effective  in their mind.

Then, the sound of drum of the war extended in the space so more than thirty thousand soldiers were ready to start  the   war.

* * *

The troops of Koofeh were waiting to order of “Omar, Saad” he was sitting on the ground ,in the posture that, he had arrow and spear in his hand.

He wants to be the first person to begin war so said: “oh people be evidence I am the first man who drew the first arrow toward "Hossain" and his adherents.

The first arrow became separate from bow of “Omar S,aad” by this action war started.

“Omar Saad” shouted:

Oh my troop, don’t doubt in killing "Hossain" because he has left religion God.

By falling these arrows, the field of war became dark, votaries of "Hossain" salutation to him settled themselves,patiently shield of Hossain, salutation to him . The earth became color of blood and buddies of he, fell on the earth.

Ground and sky have been full of arrows, what clamor was settled there.

"Omar Saad" knew that all arrows would finish quickly. While he must have numbers arrows for back of stage, so he ordered to stop shooting. Comparatively calmness was settled in the field. Troops of "Koofeh" imagined "Hossain" has killed but he was healthy.

Instead, his votaries who were accepted arrows by their life, became marty.

Number of them at this stage was 35 persons. And now was turn of the war one after one and be sacrificed, votaries one after one went to the field and demonstrated persistence themselves with vow they had with "Hossain" salutation to  him.

The time was about ten mornings "Abbas" was gourd man from morning, he also  was standard -bearer and “water carrier” and now he is thinking about Alghameh.

Most important his responsibility was carrying water from “Alghameh” so he was thinking about it from the seventh day of “Ashoora” that water was closed toward tents, hardship resulting from thirsty has reached to utter most so "Abbas" decided to go to “Alghameh” stream to bring water. he along with other votaries had gone to “Alghameh” and had carried water for children. “Abbas” was aware that today enemies have added numbers of gourds for stream, thousands arrow men are ready attentively there, so they prevent  from carrying water for tents.

The time is ten at the morning "Abbas" along with his brothers are going to “Alghameh”.

These four persons intend to war with four thousands soldier.

This is very same braveness  which history mention of that, they inherited this braveness from their parents.

“Ali” salutation to him was aware from this day and for this reason he was looking for brave wife, the woman who be braveness in her blood and her meat.

These four people were sons of “Om al Banin” to day an epic have shaped by them that history would never forget.

However they attacked to the groundmen  of “Alghameh” including four thousand soldiers.

With attack of "Abbas" and his brothers soldiers escaped, then they entered to the stream.

* * *

"Abbas" salutation to him did full,large leather bottle from water and put on his shoulder and departed toward tents. He knew that the course of returning would be more difficult than coming.

He was carful, that arrows don’t hit to leather bottle it was on his shouder and his brother was circled around he, similar butterfly.

They settled themselves, shield of leather bottle, so,that  water reache to the goal, all children in tents were waiting for this water. Oh God, whether this water would reach to the tents healtily or no.

The sound of thirsty by children was listened "Abbas" and his brothers did resistance in front of arrows by their life. They were coming toward tents.

Large leather bottle was on shoulder of "Abbas" and tear was in his eyes.

When he was going toward  tents and when he was separating from “Alghameh” he had three brothers with himself, but enemies start to shooting, as a result after some minute "Abbas" became alone.

At the first “Jaafar” fell down on the ground, he sacrificed his life at the way of "Hossain". certainly "Abbas" liked to stop and rescue his brother and keep him in his embrace but there was not enough time.

“Jaafar” pointed with his eyes, he wanted to say don’t stop, go and carry water quickly, children are thirsty and are waiting.

Oh God whether this water would reach to the tents or no.

Tear circled n eyes of "Abbas" salutation to him, he continued his course, a little, mere ahead ,other brother fell on the ground now he had one other brother.

Although there was not long distance until tents but he had not much hope to reach to the tents, because his last brother has tumbled in his blood.

In these conditions he was alone and reaching water to tents was very difficult.

All children were waiting, they were shouting uncle came water carryer came, but why he is coming alone?

He looked to thirsty children and said:

My dear come ahead and drink I have lost all of my brothers for this water, and now the time ,was near noon and warmth at climax, so much so women and children and only one leather bottle water. Whether you would go toward “Alghameh” at other time.

After one other hour, again the sound of thirsty by children would spread in the space in such case what do you do.

You have no brother again  they have flight and have gone, whether again you would go toward “Alghameh” for carrying water.


Part 7

The time is near “Izan” of “Meridian”.

Most of adherents of "Hossain" salutation to him martyred, he is ready to do last prayer he has stood up face to “Ghebleh” his votaries have also stood back of him.

“Saaid” one of his votaries has stood ,in front of troops of shooter  of koofeh  they were ready to kill him at prayer as soon as prayer began “Omar Saad" pointed to the shooters, they targeted heart of Hossain.

From each side arrows were coming.

“Saaid” was turning his shield to each side, but numbers of arrows were many, many.

They were coming from each side toward Hossain and his votaries.

When prayer was finished “Saaid” fell – down on the ground, resulting of hitting of arrow.

After prayer, other votaries, were going to the field of war one after another  became martyred ,after votaries the youngest of “Bani Hashem” began to depart to the field.

“Ali Akbar” “ghassem” “Oan” etc. one after one went to the field of war and became martyr.

The time was almost two afternoon, Hossain had not other adherent except "Abbas”. all of them had gone and sacrificed their life for their Imam.

“Abbas” was watching loneliness of "Hossain" and this matter was reason of sorrow and  sadness for him he referred to his brother and request of him to go to the field of war.

When "Abbas" came before, Hossain , Stood in front of him and said: oh brother do you let me to go to the field, from your votaries only I remained. This speech that he addressed “Hossain” as brother was investigation able.

Some people have said, "Abbas" never called Hossain as brother except the time of martyrdom.

At this time  was , he said: “brother, find out your brother” in the point of view of  Hossain, herring the word of brother by Abbas never was not more delightful than this time, although these conditions was very sorrowful, but he always expected that Abbas address him as brother. “Abbas” began his speech so such “oh brother, do you let me to go to the field, he waited listening answer of "Hossain" .

He liked hearing permission him to devote his life but, by listening his speech drops of tear circled in eyes of Hossain.

"Abbas" continued to speak.

I am hate from this life I am desperate from this world I like to go to the field and got revenge of martyrs.

"Hossain" watched at him and said:

My dear, go and bring a leather bottle of water for my children.

He obeyed order of brother and became ready to go toward river of “Alghameh”.

"Hossain" Salutation to him . issued  him ,permission to bring water not for war, because thirsty at the tents was clamoring and he got ready to go to “Alghameh” not to the field. weather was severely warm, the sound of thirsty by children reverberated in the space.

At the begining "Abbas" decided to speak with people of "Koofeh" and advise them. He wants to guide and to lead them, so he moved toward them, ,they were the persons who have killed all votaries of Hossain salutation to him.

Despite of this matter he decided to advise them, in reality he is the son of “Ali” salution to him his heart is full of kindness.

In the first stage, he didn’t’ appear his anger and fury, but when they insisted to wrong course and closed the way on him, he became angry them.

Abbas stood in front of them and spoke with them but his speak didn’t effect in their heart, because their stomach was full of illegal food.

At last, he went back toward tents, took empty leader-bottle and his sword riding on the horse moved toward “Alghameh”.

At that moment nobody there was to help he. Suddenly he heard the sound of "Hossain" salutation to him. wait a minute my brother, I want to come with you.

"Hossain" went along with he, they attacked to the guards  of “Forat” river.

The sound of enemy resounded on dessert, Never let them to reach to water, if they drink water other nobody would not be able to combat with them.

They attacked toward “alghameh” stream, who was able to stand up in front of them.?

The sound of “Allah o Akbar” God is grater resounded in dessert.

"Omar Saad" ordered to make interval between two brothers by shooting them.

Shooter started to send arrows toward them, at the beginning an arrow hit to the chin of "Hossain" salutation to him when he stood to put out the arrow, troops used from opportunity and made separation between two brothers.

"Hossain" salutation to him didn’t see again his brother and didn’t listen his sound.

He, remembered tents  that had not guard, so he decided to return toward, tents. Under no dangerous treat tents.

In any case, Abbas invaded toward faraway, because there was a place in the length of stream,that, there were fewer guards . So he reached to a place where there were not troops in this place there was not any obstacle between he and Alghameh unless palm grand he entered to the palm, although some soldiers were following him but he succeeded to reach to the stream sooner.

There was not here, any person to help he , I wished there were loyalty votaries and help you.

When he entered to the Alghameh he took a handful  water he brought 0it in front of his face with intention to drink but remembered thirsty Hossain, so poured water and said to himself living“oh Abbas”  without "Hossain" has not value, he is thirsty, but he is not able to do any work, his life is in danger the lung of "Hossain" is burning from thirsty in spite of this, you want to drink water.

The sound of Enjoyable  become  full of water that entered in the leather bottle was listened.

Now leather bottle has become full of water he settled it on his shoulder and was moving his lips that were thirsty the angles were amazed from his action, he came out from “Alghameh” with thirsty lips.

Oh "Abbas"  if ,each person was instead of you certainly would drink some water, in that case,he  would be able to war better, but you don’t’ drink and didn’t think so such. You under took with yourself until Hossain is thirsty, you didn’t drink water, you proved a human would be able be greater than thirsty. Indeed your glance to thirsty was different than others.

Oh "Abbas" human kind is always amazed and confused of your action.

Defense from “Hossain” salutation to him was important and you knew it, but you recognized a thing more important.

You are from “Ebrahim” generation so you continued his way.

Your goal was reaching to water but when you reached to it you abandoned it, although you need very much to it.

“Koran” says: Ebrahim had no child until old age.

God accomplished his request and gave him a son name of he became “Esmail” naturally, he loved his son more than his life. But he must be examined and predestined day arrived. God ordered to him to kill “Esmail”.

According to God order he must take knife and sacrificed his dear son.

God intended to release him from all attachments. However “Ebrahim” laid – up his son on the ground toward “Ghebleh” the direction which Moslems pray on this side.

At this case all angels were watching this view “Ebrahim” said: in the name of God and then put his knife on the throat of his dear son this view was strange not only for angels but also for each owner of wisdom.

Luckily the knife didn’t cut his throat of “Esmail” father put knife again and again on the throat of his son.

The throat became red, but knife didn’t cut.

“Ebrahim” Became furious he hit the knife at the stone, stones splite.

Suddenly, a sound resounded among earth and sky oh, “Ebrahim” you succeeded from examination and immediately, “Jibraail” an angel, brought a sheep to sacrifice instead of “Esmail”

Such stories there are always in life of God Friends they must pass examinations such “Esmail”. at the day of “Ashoora” "Abbas" was other “Esmail”, he wants to do a work more important than action of “Ebrahim” and “Esmail”.

Really, how was possible a father lay his son on the ground, ready to sacrifice.

What love there was in the heart of “Ebrahim” he exceeded his son.

We only read or hear the story, but there is, large distance between hearing until recognition of truth.

Oh "Abbas" it was clear that you had a love in your heart that you abandoned delicious water and came out from “Alghameh” with thirsty lips.

I only retold history but I don’t understand reality of this matter.

At last "Abbas" took leather bottle full of water and came-out of river.

There was only a palm grand between tents and he must travers from this palm garden, at that moment he only thought about thirsty lips of children and by this hope moved toward tents.

Part 8

If human look at the large leather bottle carefully. It was apparently full of water but really and inwardly it was full of love and life.

"Abbas" truly satiated most  thirsty  of   history.

Many lips were thirsty but not for water, but for flying toward the life of reality "Abbas" was one of them, he want to fly to sky from this tight cage this world.

While he was departing toward tents, a group of soldiers closed his way.

He became involved with them he sent them away with sword, he pass from palms one by one and shouted, I have settled my life shield of "Hossain"  I am water carrier in this field”, by attack of "Abbas" to the troops large group of them became killed and large numbers of them escaped.

Only his goal was carrying water to the tents. For this action he had not afraid in his heart, most important thought he had in his mind was that leather bottle be protected from danger, so he use from sword and split the line of troops and went ahead.

While he was passing from side of a palm when up raised his hand to use of sword enemies surrounded him. Suddenly a sword cut his right hand.

Immediately he got leader bottle on the left hand and shouted if you cut

My hand I never abandon God religion

"Abbas" also spoke with himself and said: oh "Abbas" don’t be afraid from these idolism and be pleased from God’s blessing, you will go to visit of prophet and other good human.

Oh God I request of you that they who cut my hand, involve to your torment.

"Abbas" was at the climax of suffering, blood was flowing from his hand, but he had a world hope in his heart he speak about God’s blessing.

In fact, he was speaking with history, he teaches to “shiayan” the course of sacrifice and resistance. He teaches them that, it is possible to be in the climax of suffering and be, hope full to God’s blessing, I didn’t identify you well, I didn’t understand your ideology, all of us must have opportunity to think about it.

Oh "Abbas" event occurred at "Karbala" was university that your brother ,and you were creators of them you have teach us that how change our perception rather this life and how decrease this dependents.

Oh "Abbas" in condition that each two your hands were cut, you were in surrounded of enemies.

Never the less you spoke about greatness and blessing of God.

If we thought to your speech there were a world wisdom and philosophy at those sentences, if I study at your university, I will learn new looking to disasters. In that case I will change my perception from life.

In fact, I will understand why, I have come to this world and, if I reach to the answer of this question I will see the beautiful of life.

So, at the climax of hardship and disaster I speak about beautiful and I will say, thanks God.

Oh "Abbas" although your lips was thirsty and blood was flowing from your arms and thousands soldiers surrounded you, but, you spoke about God’s blessing and his magnificence.

The world is the place of transit, toward growth and perfection some days must be stead at this world and gather some provision then must departed but free and with salvation from attachment and become awake from neglect sleep,    but  how?

Certainly disaster, affliction, calamity, are only devices for awaking men from neglect sleep.

Certainly this God that provide the devices of awake ness of men from neglect sleep and with your resistance in front of most intense afflictions, have given the best and greatest lessons to the man kinds.

We have learned from great men that disasters and hard ships in the life provide bunk of examination of humanity.

All humans who have been  in exposed of examination by disaster and hard-ship have been also in exposed of affection of God.

Prophets and eminent humans always have been affected to the travails and adversities at the course of their life, because men’s predestination is only on authority  of God and is determined by God will.

So, it must be accepted that hard ship and disaster has been always according to divine-wisdom.

 The most apparent example is that, we assume a, father feel that is necessary to bring his child to a clinic for vaccinate.

Naturally vaccination is requiring of pain, whether it may be supposed that father  approve pain for his child.

Whether it is possible be supposed that this pain is resulting of nonexistence affection of father than child.

Child may not understand truth of matter at the age of boyhood, but as soon as he reached to adolescent age he would notice that pain resulting of vaccination had been necessity for his health.

We must evaluate divine decrees with this scale. The best example for evaluation of divine decrees are house hold of prophet which were very same of chastity and purity family because before God, there are not among man kinds greater and dearer from them, never the less, all of them were involved hard ship and disasters.


Part 9

Again we return to the field of Karbala at the side of “Alghameh” and inside of palm garden.

Perhaps at the length of history, there was not  any adventures mere painful than adventure of “Karbala” although there is no doubt that among of mankind there is not any human dearer  than house hold of Islam  prophet of  islam

History say: From the seventh day of the month of “Moharam”    several times line  of  troops of Koofian have been broken with attack of Abbas and water settled in available   by braveness which was special he, 

“Abbas” reached to water and took  some water and brought to the tents.

Naturally his braveness became resulted of provoke of spite enemies.

Today they decided to prevent reaching him to water.

“Abbas” was surrounded by thousands soldiers.

The only his hope was water that he was carrying to the tents.

"Abbas" effort with all power to transport this water to the tents.

While he was riding on his horse saw tents from far away apparently there was not long distance between palm garden and tents.

But from one side, spiteful enemy with thousands arrows, bows, spears and sword which surrounded him ,from other side he visualize thirsty of women and children who were waiting "Abbas"

All hope of him was leather bottle water, never the less was riding quickly toward tents, and also he was guarding from valuable water, like treasure. Suddenly one of enemies who had ambushed at the back of a palm, attacked to him by a piece iron he targeted blessed head of "Abbas" he fell down to the ground from over horse at this moment the sound of moan of him was listed that said:

“Brother finds out your brother”

The stroke of iron piece was so much strong that Abbas became martyr and his soul flied to sky. By listening the sound of him “Hossain” salutation to him departed toward to palm garden, but large numbers enemies were standing in his course, they closed his way, never the less he did war and split attack of them, unfortunately when he reached on the side of "Abbas" that  encountered with his lifeless body. "Hossain" salutation to him got down from horse, fastened head of "Abbas" to his chest, the first thing that attracted his attention was his thirsty lips, this was simultaneous with time that he was coming back from “Alghameh”. when Hossain abandoned his brother at the side of "Alghameh" tear was encircled in his eyes and said my brother nowadays brock my waist my hope became hopeless.

“yes” , "Abbas" was only supporter of him by going he from this world "Hossain" salutation to him would become lonely.

Until that moment nobody had seen cry of "Hossain" until that time every one of his votaries  who became martyr he came to his  side and then his body carried to the tents by helping of others.

When “Ali Akbar” “Ghasem” and others young’s became martyr the young s of “Bani Hashem” came and carried their bodies.

But  now "Hossain" salutation to him was single and lonely.

He had not  any votary and now, from one side he was faced with torn body of "Abbas" and from other side he had not remedy unless abandon   him quickly because enemy was in ambushed of tents.

Inevitable , at that moment he said  “good by” and returned  toward tents.

At that moment that Hossain abandoned body of "Abbas" nobody knew that how pass to he.

What was occurring in the tents .

Children were hopefully waiting for their uncle, sister of "Abbas" "Zainab" who was expectant, took up curtain of tents. Looked at faraway she was supposing that "Hossain" would come along with "Abbas"    and they will bring water.

But unfortunately after a little time she saw "Hossain" was coming solitary. Therefore where is "Abbas", where is leather bottle, who must answer to her, that "Abbas" has slept at the side of Alghameh with torn body.

Oh "Abbas" you stood-up valiantly at the field of “Karbala” but your brother now is solitary. Whether you don’t listen the sound of his loneliness.

After some minute, this "Hossain"  was standing at the middle of the field of war, he shouted, is there anybody to help me.

After he went to the tents and saw situation decided to return to the field and now he ,has stood in front of troops of “Koofeh”.

He shouted and requested to help. He very well knew, there was no body to help him, indeed , he knew that only he was not ,lonely but also his ideology was solitary. at that period, freedom, liberality, nobleness  and humanity were also solitary.

After a final talk ,Hossain salutation to him "  to soldiers of ,“Koofeh”, he begin to combat with them, a little period, there was not other person who be supporter of him, he was alone and soldiers of enemies were thousands person so, after a little time the sound of him was listened “I am satisfied to Gods destined and then he also put his head on the warm earth of Karbala. Perhaps there were eyes waiting for "Abbas” to come and do fasten head of "Hossain" to his chest but Abbas had no other hand and, life in his body to help his brother.

* * *

After  ,martyrdom of imam "Hossain" salutation to him and faithful  brothers and other votaries, Painful events took place at Karbala that perhaps history has not recorded similar of those.

Incidents which writers at entire history are  embarrassed from writing of them.

After martyrdom of imam "Hossain" salutation to him a large group from “Koofeh” troops attacked to the tents.

Women and children began to escape.

Their properties  plundered ,Tents were fired, children escaped to the dessert , resulting of dead, savages persons of human faced, did pull ear drops from ears of innocent infants.

Some events occurred that history has shame  from remember of those.

Women and children spent entire night at the shelter of half burnt tents.

In the  later  day dynasty of chastity and purity were ridden  on without equipment camels.

All separated heads of beloved of prophet had been presented over spears in front of women and children bereaved.

From “Koffeh” until “Dameshgh ”people  residents of cities had been invited to watch of these dears, in condition of pain full.

City of “Koofeh” which was at a period, center of caliphate “Ali” salutation to him to day his household were transmitting as capture.

People of cities were inculcated  that these captures   have rebelled from religion and now their men have been killed in war, and these women  and children are carried to captivity.

In cities of "Koofeh" and “Sham” two assemblies  on behalf of“Ebne Ziad and Yazid” were organized that dynasty of chastity and purity  were present in  they.

In these assemblies did behavior with dynasty of prophet that all oppressors of history became vindicated, painful incidents  that began when that captures were entered in city of "Koofeh"

At that time, by watching situation of caravan, women of Koofeh began to cry and torn-up their collar "Zainab" salutation to her shouted to them, be silent ,afterward she said:

Gratitude and praise to God and salutation to prophet and then she said:

Oh Koofian people oh deceiver and magicians population be endless, tear of your eyes .

What do you have in your existence unless Falsify, hostility, arrogance and boast.

You are similar to grasses that are feeding from wasted material of animals.

You are motive for anger of God and you are fated forever.

How do you want to clean this dishonor stain from your existence? In condition that you killed dear of  prophet of God  by deceive and trick.

You bought divine anger and created reason of shame and humiliation for yourself.

Whether you will wonder if sky fall blood on your head for this painful disaster.

There is not any  punishment more humiliating  than resurrection. 

History write :    After listening of this lecture, I saw people of "Koofeh" amazed were biting their fingers by their tooth. I saw an old man was crying so such, his beard had been wetted.

He had raised his hands toward sky and said:

My mother and father be your devotion, your children and young’s are better than others, old men are better than others and also women are better than women.

In this moment , imam “Sajad” came out of tent , pointing to the people that  were invited  to silence and said:

Oh people do you remember that you wrote letters for my father and invited him for leadership.

Do you remember you allegiance with him and signed contract of loyalty.

How do you want to look at the face of prophet, while you killed his dynasty and broke frontage of his respect.

When speech of imam reached to this point the sound of people were listening from each side they were reprimanding each other.

Afterward dynasty of imam "Hossain" were transported to “Ebne ziad” palace.

"Zainab" salutation to her was sitting  a side of female slaves, with old-dresses, in the form of unknown.

“Ebne Ziad” asked, for tree times, who are this woman, "Zainab" salutation to her did not answer.

At last a female slave answered, she is "Zainab" the girl of Fatima, daughter of Prophet.

“Ebne Ziad” face to "Zainab" said:

Thanks  God that disgraced you.

"Zainab" salutation to her answered thanks God that   did  patronage  us by existence of his prophet and purged us from all dirt. Instead adulterers  became notorious “Ebne ziad” said: how did  you found divinity    predestination with your brother.

"Zainab" salutation to her said: I didn’t see anything by God unless goodness and beautiful.

At the day of resurrection God will judge, between my brother and you.

Oh son of “Marjaneh” your mother  be , mournful  you. (marjaneh) was a disreputable woman  , by listening these sentence and dis honorable name of his mother  became angry so decided to kill her but his companion prevented him from this action.

* * *

After some days “Yazid” governor of “Dameshgh” became aware from events of Karbala by letter of “Ebne Ziad”.

“Yazid” ordered to “Obaidollah” to send blessed head of “Hossain” salutation to him to “Dameshgh” along with dynasty of “Hossain”.

“Ebne ziad” summoned his officers and informed them from order of “Yazid”.

They installed blessed head of Hossain and his votaries on spears and rode women and children on the mules they were surrounded by soldiers.

If one of them cried , he or she were attacked with spear  when  they were entered at “Shame”

From forty years ago Sham,( Dameshgh) and regions around it were under domination of( (Mavieh )people of “Shame” formerly  were Christian , later they became Muslim, but their religion was  taught by “Baniomayeb”.

“Moavieh” was one of governor of “Bani omayeh” he was opposite of “Ali” salutation to him severely. He had done propaganda opposite of Ali, so such people at “Sham” accepted killing of he. They swore to him on the pulpits, there for, whenever people asked from dynasty of Hossain    where was harder for  you ,at this travel, they answered “Sham” and repeated tree time.

On the other hand, among people of “Sham” there were also some person who had  too   affection to dynasty of prophet but number of them was very small rather than opposites.

For example it is said:

When captives were brought to the mosque of “sham” an old man came Before them, and said thanks God that killed you and settled “Yazid” dominated to you “imam  Sajjad” said:

Oh old man, whether do you related with  “Koran” he said yes(“Imam Sajjad” recited for him verse number 23 of chapter of “Shoora”.

This verse say: Tell oh prophet I don’t  “request” from you any reward, unless friend ship of my relatives “imam, sajjad” added oh old man, we are relative of prophet who “Koran” has said:

The old man said:

Yes I have recited this verse.

“ imam” added : did you recited the verse number forty one from chapter of “Anfal”

This verse say: “Be aware. each kind of benefit which you obtain one fifth from that is belong to God and relative…”

The old man said: yes I have recited it.

Imam Sajjad said we are dynasty of prophet that the verse of purity is special to us.

History write,: after a little silence the old man face to Imam asked: oh oath to God whether are you the very same dynasty.

Imam said: oath to God we are the very same dynasty.

Afterward the old man began to cry and said: I am disgusted from enemies of prophet dynasty , can I repent.

Imam said:

Yes  provided to really repentance. News of repentance of old man reached to “Yazid” he issued order of killing him.

* * *

After some time capture caravan were entered to “Dameshgh” after  a little time  waiting they were entered to “Yazid” assembly in condition  that hands of men were fastened to their necks.

After entrance to the assembly of “Yazid”  , Imam faced to him said:

Oh “Yazid”: if prophet of God see you in this situation you imagine what he would have  behavior with you.

“Fatima” daughter of Imam "Hossain" said oh “Yazid” is it suitable the girls of prophet of God be brought to captivity.

All persons present in assembly began to cry after listening these sentences, so such the sound of their cry were listened.

When “Yazid” saw this situation ordered to open the hands of Imam.

At this time blessed head of Imam became settled on a gold bowl, in front of Yazid.

He stroked to blessed lips and teeth of Imam with  a stick.

Then he faced to the presents and said:

This man boasts to himself and said:

My parent was better than yours and my ancestor was better than yours and I myself am better than you these speaks became reason to killing him.

* * *

When "Zainab" salutation to her saw so such audacity and shamelessness by “Yazid” and on the other hand, she found the space of assembly “Yazid” suitable, stood up and  began to speak and said:

Praise for God that   is creator of the world and gratitude to prophet and his dynasty.

God correctly bade conclusion of actions they,  that, have done repulsive works , is denying signs of God. oh “Yazid” now a day  you imagine you have closed the way of  solution to us and have made hard ship for us. You have thought God   has granted you glory and respect and has given to us humbleness and disgrace.

You  make a mistake.

You have imagined the reason of this victory for you is your validity before God

Oh: yazid” make  move   a little slower.

Have you forgotten  this word of God  that  bade who traversed the way of infidelity,  do not imagine opportunity  that I have given to them  is better, not at all , this opportunity is for examination

Oh, son of the slave, that is liberated  by our ancestor,    whether  this  is from your justice that :

 your women and  your female slave sit  in back  of  the curtain  and the girls   of prophet of God  traverse city to city and are settled  in arena of watching strangers.


 All  people must  be aware,  how  it  can  be  expected from  a person  whose  mother  has  chewed   lung  of  pious men and  her  meat  has  growth  from  blood  of martyrs

How it can be expected   from   of    him    unless  beating on the lips of “Hossain”

Salutation to  him,    never the less   recall of his  shameful  ancestor.

It must be patient; you  also would join to your  ancestor.

At that case , you would  say   I  wish  my tongue  had become dumb.

And I didn’t run such words in my tongue

“ Zainab” continued to speak , so such if  circumstanc   required   me  to be colloquist  with you  but certainly  I don ,t   ,  consider  you as  worthy element.


Lecture of Imam Sajjad

At the assembly of “Yazid” imam Sajjad requested from “Yazid” to let him to lecture in the mosque at the day of Friday “Yazid” let him.

At the day of Friday “Yazid” sent on the pulpit one of mercenary lecturer and order to him insult “Ali” and “Hossain” salutation to them as much as he can. Instead speak in praise of  previous kalifets         he did so such.

Imam Sajjad requested of “Yazid” to act to his promise, but "Yazid" who  was regretted from his promise didn’t’ accept.

His, son “named” “Moaveih” said to his father:

What effect would have lecture of this captive man, let him to speak what he wants.

"Yazid" said: you don’t identify ability this family, there for, didn’t accept his suggestion but, persons who were present there asked of him   and persisted until "Yazid" agreed to lecture Imam "Sajjad" then, Imam went on the pulpit.

After praise and gratitude God said:

Oh, people ,God has granted us six traits, including knowledge, patience, Generosity, Braveness, eloquence and that affection of us is on the heart, righteousness .

And other traits   it   is that God made us proud by prophet and   “Ali” salution to them.

So, by this short introduction every one who did not identify me, I will introduce myself by my fathers and my families.

Oh, people, I am the son of Person who carried, “Hajar Al Asvad” in his “Aba” and installed at its place.

I am son of best performer of “Haj” ceremony    , person  ,angels did pray,   with he

I am son of prophet and “Ali” salutation to them, I am son of Person who rubbed nose of rebel men to the earth until they confessed to the word  of monotheism.

Then Imam "Sajjad" continued to introduce him with such attributes as much as presence people began to cry.

"Yazid" became afraid, therefor ordered to “Muazzen” to ,silence  him with deception.

He stood up began to “Izan”

As soon as he said: God is grater, Imam "Sajjad" following   him said: there is no greater than God anything.

“Muazzen” said: I testify that there is no creator  unless God.

Imam "Sajjad" : my meat and my blood is evidence to “uniqueness” and, unity, of God.

When “Muazzen” Witnessed to Prophet hood of “Mohammad” salutation to him, Imam "Sajjad" addressed to “Yazid” said:

Oh "Yazid" whether this “Mohhamad”who, was said his name is my ancestor   or  yours.

If you claim that he is your ancestor all people know that you say wrong  and, if you accept that , he is my ancestor, then, why did you killed my father and looted our properties and captured our relatives, Imam "Sajjad" said these sentences : afterward   ripped his collar and began to cry seriously

Then imam address to the people continued:

In this world the only person who his ancestor is prophet I am, there for, why this man, killed my father and captured us, similar to “Roomian”

Oh "Yazid" you committed this crime and again you say Mohamed is God prophet and you have stood in front of “Kaabeh” ouch to you.

"Yazid" shouted to “Muzzin” : tell “Izan”    in this conditions , commotion became established

Some people abandoned ceremony of Friday  pray and went back


Part 10

After years today I have come to the city of median I intended  to search address of the house of Imam "Sajjad" “Ali Ebne Hossein” salutation to him I was interested to hear the story of “karbala” from him tongue.

After years to day I have come to the city of “Median” for investigating the address of the house of Imam "Sajjad" I referred  to some people,  one of them gave me an address I went to this address, as if, the house of Imam is at the end of this lane I went at the house, knocked at the door, after a little time the door was open the address was correct and now I am sitting at presence of Imam.

An unspeakable sense has surrounded my existence. As if I have come to the sun-feast.

After passing some time, a young man entered saluted to Imam.

He answered to him with kindness, and he began to cry, all presents began to cry along with Imam.

It is necessary to say, I saw and heard many thing while I was sitting at the preset of imam but I want  to say  these sentence because , these matters are related to “Abbas” salutation to him .

However , I asked from one of presents why imam cry, his cry for what?

He answered whether  didn’t  you  identify this young man. I replied  no

He said he is “Obeydolah” son of martyr “Abbas” I asked, then why, he, didn’t martyr at “Karbala” he replied ,at that time “obydollah” was a child he stayed in “Medina” along with his mother, and now has become a matured young, whenever Imam "Sajjad" see him remember  his uncle and his scarifications and began to cry.

Some moment expired in silence. Still drops of tears were current on the face of Imam.

At last, Imam started to speak and said:

At the day of “Ashoora”

thousands soldiers were gathered in “Karbal” for killing my father.

They supposed themselves are Muslem and my father is not, so, by killing him they would attract satisfy of God.

My father spoke with them for instance he intended to awake them from sleep of neglect, but his speech did not effect on them, and they had not attention to my father speeches.

At last they did martyr him innocently.

My uncle defensed from his brother with all power and with successfully , came-out from divine examination.

He sacrificed his life at the course  of brother.

At the day of,“Ashoora” enemies attacked to him and they cut his hands and killed him, instead of his  hands, God granted to him two wing at paradise that he would be able to fly along with angels.

God has granted to my uncle a position that all martyrs would jealousy to him.

* * *

When the speech of Imam "Sajjad" salutation to him reached to, the end I began to think.

I understood that event of “Ashoora” indeed has been an examination.

“Abbas” with his sacrifices and his devotion became honored, he chose the course of honour and became proud, by, his determination.

He was from family ,that, choosing the course of hardship and distress was not the course  obligation for him, because he could choose the world by all its advantages, but he didn’t choose this way, he must be example and must be model for common human. Indeed common people must settle him as model.

“Abbas” became this “Abbas” merely for his great choice. This, was the secret of being “Abbas”

At the day of “Ashoora” enemies cut his hands.

His story was similar story of “Jaafar Taiar” he also lost his hands in the war at period of prophet and became martyr.

Prophet said about him, God will grant him two wings at the paradise he would be able to fly along with angels, he was brother of “Ali” salutation to him, the speech was about paradise. Where are paradise? It is the heaven universe, everywhere that angels flies “Abbas” also fly, even, he fly to the heaven of God.

Heaven, is truth and reality of this world.

Anyone  suppose “Abbas” has dead, he didn’t notice and have not attention to “Koran” . “Koran” say: all  martyrs, are alive at the length of eternity, we believe that “Abbas” is ,predominant  among at martyrs ,indeed ,we are dead humans, we, that, are capture of the worldly life. The love of this world has done us blind.

Part 11

I continued my travel toward “median”.

My goal was to go to the house of imam “sadegh” sixth imam of “shiayan”.

I asked the address of his house and I went to his house along with my companion, after ,attainment of permission we entered to the house, saluted and sat with his permission. After some minute an old man entered, I asked from my friend about his identity ,my friend didn’t know but I heard about him from others.

He was “Aboo Ham Zeh” who later became famous to “Aboo Hamzeh Somali”

At the age of youth he  learnt prayer of “Ramazon” and narrated, to others, later , this prayer became  famous to “Aboo Hamzeh Somaly”

He was resident at “Koofeh” and as you see to day he became old but love of visiting of Imam never cool in his existence.

He has come to visit of  Imam "SAdegh” and now we also have sat at the imaginary space of house of Imam “Sadegh” salutation to him.

“Aboo Hamzeh” Feels, Calmness of Paradise.

Indeed what bliss higher than sitting down “Shiit” in present his Imam.

Some moment expired , speech about “Karbala” “Abbas” alghameh stream and other event began.

Imam Called “Abbo Hamzeh” and said:

When ever you want to “Karbala” decided to visit my uncle “Abbas ”salutation  to him perform, so such.

Go aside of shrine of Abbas and repeat these sentences “Aboo Hamzeh” was listening to speeches of Imam Carefully, he, memorized to his mind for learning by heart, he intended to narrate for other people.

It was distinct that “Shiits” in the length of history read this prayers in the name of he.

These words are narrated by Imam “Saedgh” salutation to him and were from kind of the .divine words

I also repeat those words whenever to go  ,to, pilgrimage “Abbas” salutation to him.

Imam “Sadegh” continued.

When you stood in front of “Shrine” of “Abbas” repeat these words: Salute of God, salute of angels ,salute of prophets salute of good humans, salute of martyrs and salute of honest, every morning and night be to you.

The son of “Ali” salutation to him.

I give witness that you did utmost struggle and sacrifice in the way of Imam “Hossain” salutation to him and, at last became martyr.

God, granted to you great compensation.

Indeed,  the best reward, the best compensation is living after death.

Damnation of God be on who closed the way to you and did not permission to carry water to the tents.

I witness that you became martyr, and God granted you great position.

Oh son of “Amir al momenin” Ali  salution  to him I have come to visit you, be aware, my, heart is surrender of you.

I am submission your orders.

I am follower your family, at the time of formation of your government I am ready to help you.

I am with you, I believe to you and, restoration  of you I never help your enemies. I have belief to your restoration and I am disgusted from your enemies and their way and their course.

* * *

Imam continued so such:

Oh “Aboo Hamzeh” now , go nearer “to shrine” of “Abbas” salute to him stand and repeat so such:

Salute to you worthy slave of God.

Salute to you that are submitted to prophet “Ali” “Hassan” and “Hossain” salutation to them.

I evidence that you reached to the position of persons that struggled  seriously for defense of friends of God.

You prrfofmed your vow and    was  obedient  your Imam. So I request from God, to grant you the best and most complete compensation.

I hope God do associate me with you at paradise at the place that modest people are there.

It is my aspiration to be in paradise a side of you.

I know that God is more affectionate than, all, and I  haw   hope to his grace for reaching my aspiration.

* * *

Here this speech of Imam “Sadegh” ended I learned whenever I decided to visit “Abbas” I pilgrimage  him so such and saying those sentences.


Part 12

Nowadays I have come to Karbala with intention to visit “Abbas” I have stood a, side of “Shrine” him.

I must repeat sentences which I learned from Imam “Sadegh” :                salute  of God , Salute of angels, and salute  of prophet salute of good human , salute, of martyrs , each morning and night to you.

I took care and paid attention and thought with myself that what message wanted ,to  teach, us Imam "Sajjad"  , I remembered   this speech of great men that have said, one hour thinking is better, than seventy hours worship.

So, I selected eight parts of this prayer to write some subject about that.

* * *

Part one: oh “Abbas” I evidence that you performed uttermost your struggle and sacrificed your life in the way of your brother “Hosain” salutation to him .

You chose the course of his brother and decided to persistent over your vow with him you tried to utmost at this way although ,this matter that human today move in the course of leaders of religion  is  ,important but, more important, is, that ,struggle be  in the utmost scale.

Sometime we  refer to an institution to be performed an action, it is may we encounter with a person or persons that  effort at  limit level of  their duty.

In this case this effort attract our  attention but, some other times we confront with other persons that not only struggle to perform their duties but  do more effort. naturally, there is very difference between  these  persons.

“Abbas” salutation to him performed his duty with the utter most effort, for his brother, his Imam, so, the way and  his model was exceptional for people.


Part 13

The second part of prayers

Oh “Abbas” be aware , my heart is submitted of your, I obey from your order, I am follower your dynasty . God chose your household to guidance human and granted them great position.

Lucky  any one who, follow your way and settle and choose you  as his pattern.

Dear reader what do you know about the first imam “Ali” salutation to him and how much do you familiar with his ideology.

Ali was a governor, when enemies attacked to border of Islamic country and plundered jewels of a jewess who was living at the refuge of protection of islamic government, he, became furious seriously and said if any body dead from this sorrow related to this event should not be  reproached

Then, Imam Ali shouted to his followers, that, why do you   are only observer and are unconcerned against of such incident

Today thousands matter similar this  occur  in islamic society that ’do not effect on the mind of most people.

In this case is it possible these persons be included in collection of followers “Ali” salutation to him.

At the society which unfortunately escaping from religion and tendency to the ugliness are expanding,  it is not clear what is our responsibility.it is not definite what is our duty

Whether  thoughtlessness and unconcern is according to the way of “Ali” salutation to him.

Utter expression fondness toward prophet and his household or slogan of following of them is not enough for confirmation of submission from them.

In this prayer we repeat “oh Abbas” I am in love you. This sentence is important, have you thought about this item, that why Imam “sadegh” has told to the people whenever you intend to go to pilgrimage say: we are followers and submit of you.

 Even though  there is many different between utter, being in love and being follower.

Utter being in love is not require of effort, but being submission and follower is require to submission practically.

In this case whether our method is according ,with, course life of prophet household.


Part 14

This is the third part of prayer which Imam “Sadegh” has  taught us

Oh “Abbas” when the period of your government reache I am ready to help you I am your follower.

“Abbas” salutation to him, became martyr at “Karbala” then, he must be wait the time that his government would surround on the world

This is divine promise that the time of its occurrence is at the  opportune   of emergence of majesty “Mahdy” salutation to him.

At that time we must be ready to help him, this is the same way that “Abbas” teaches us,   procedure of defense  ,from leader ship Imam. at the future “Which is not ,so much  far”, Imamate would become appearance,

Although today Imam “Mahdy” salutation to him is absent from eyes. But he would emerge. Most important our request from God is that grant to us success participation in troops of Imam “Mahdy” salutation to him for getting revenge of blood of “Hossain” salutation to him .

According to our faith, the day of emerge of majesty “Mahdy” salutation to him is the time of ending of darkness and pollutions from society, and what glory and greatness would have that day. The day that majesty “Mahdy” would stand, at , the side of “Kaabah” at that day revolution of “Mahdy” would begin.

God would send angels to the “kaabeh”

At that day angels would stand in line waiting for order of majesty “Mahdy”.

“Jibrail” at the utmost politeness would come at presence of Imam “Mahdy” and would give salute and then would tell, oh, my master your pray  accepted.

“Mahdy” salutation to him would face to sky and would say: oh God praise and gratitude for you that performed your promise and settled us inheritor  of the earth.

After that, he would call his votaries and will say: oh my votaries oh persons that God have saved you for my emergence, move toward me.

By power of God “Mahdy”s votaries transport toward masjed “al Haram” one after one.

All of them gathered around of Imam, he leans to the wall of the house and recite this verse from “Koran”.

بقیة اللّه خیرٌ لکم ان کُنتم مؤمنین

It means supply saving resource of God on the earth is the best thing, if you  are faithful.

And then he says, I am meaning of the word of بقیة الله that mentioned in this verse and also proof of God. بقیة الله mean “Supply of God” in the earth.

Yes “Mahdy” salutation to him is supply and resource and saving of God on the earth.

God has selected many prophets to leader of mankind but in spite of many effort they didn’t succeed to settle justice at through out of the world, but  “Mahdy” salutation to him, is resource God to settle really justice at through out of the world.

An epoch will expire  until suitable time will reach that “Mahdy” would move his troops toward “median”. Each group of troops will choose a slogan.

At the time of  moving of troops of “Mahdy” all persons homophone shout «یا لثارات الحسین»

Its mean,

Oh, persons who are revenger of “Hossain”  then, they will tell oh, God  ,  we  have aspiration  to be among troops of “mahdy” salutation to him at that day. Along with he, I also shout “ oh revenger of Hosain” یا لثارات الحسین

Oh GOD : you will grant renewed  life to a worthy group of your slave who have gone from this world  to participate in revolution of “mehdy” salutation to him.

If my death in my destiny is before emergence  of “mahdy” I request to grant me renewed life until I can helping my Imam.



This is the fourth part of prayer.

“oh Abbas” I have belief , you and your restoration, what is restoration?

According to our faith before resurrection “Abbas” along with "Hossain" salutation to them , they, would return to this world and would  govern

Restoration is the same returning to the life again that would occur for good-human.

Before establishing of resurrection God would alive them to govern at this world.

This is God word that has come at “Goran” the versa 259 from chapter“Baghareh”  related the story of “Ozier” who was one of prophet.

One day he was passing from a city which was ruined, he saw many bodies of dead people were laid on the earth , for a   short time he looked strangely enough  to these bones he said with, himself ,how, God would do alive these dead men at resurrection.

At this time God order to angel dead named “Ezrail” to grasp his life.

Death “of Ozair”  occurred and a hundred years expired. After hundred years God did he alive again, he moved toward his city.

When he reached to his city he saw all things have changed so such his wife had  perished

Yes, restoration is the some returning to life “becoming  alive” after death.

Our God is powerful to do every action .he is the  Almighty GOD

He  promise to alive “Abbas” again, God will perform this promise surely.


Part 16

This is the fifth part of prayer of “Abbas” salutation to him. “oh Abbas” damnation of God be for your enemies. I am ,hating from way and tradition of your enemies, follower of religion of God there have not more two correct ways ,the first, joining to monotheists the second ,following from devil and devilish.

Disgusting from your enemies is the same disgusting from devil.

In religion of Islam there are ten  subdivisions  Two of them are “Tavalla” and “Tabbara”.

“Tavalla” mean being fond of to the prophet household and “Tabbara” mean is  being in quarrel with devil.

Postulate ,  is separating from all pollutions,    so “tavalla” is the same attach  to all good nesses.

certainly  this action is familiarity with goodness   but, it is necessary to know  this matter  that ,there is different between damn and swear.

Damnation is stated in “Koran”. We repeat the word of damnation about enemies of God and prophet of God and enemies of prophet household.

* * *

Part 17

The next part of prays is the sixth sentence of that, “salutation to you oh deserving slave of God “

How “Abbas” reached to this position.

Whether merely it was for that he was the son of “Ali” salutation to him or he was brother of Hossain salutation to him .

No not ever , Ali had other sons too. Hossain also had other brothers, then among them why “Abbas” reached to this position.

Short answer is  one word, subjugation of God.

This is greeting honor medal which Abbas salutation to him .achieved it

"Abbas" was slave of God. He was deserving slave of God and by this reason surname of Babe Al Havaej was granted to him.

This surname mean “Accomplisher  of all necessities” “or” settler of all difficulties.

There for, this position settled upper than all martyrs. God has granted to   him this  position.

 Later , Imam has granted  position of subjugation  to “Abbas” solution to him.

What is reality of subjugation  indeed, Subjugation or bodage is consist of a work that a person perform merely for God’s satisfaction. Without  goals ,.materialistic

Praying and other worships helping to poor men merely must be for God.

Sometimes two courses settle in front of  human in this case it is necessary to think about importance of each other of them.

Naturally, the action that is more beneficial is more important.

Certainly standard of being better of two action is orders or command of God.

Each action that is according to command of God, has predominance rather than others.

For example a doctor who is able to cure a sick but   also ,he is able to educate and teaching of students. It is better that he practice to treatment of sick, pay attention to these points  of exact and delicate  are secret and mystery of slavery of God. 

After noon of the day of “Ashoora” "Abbas" departed toward “Alghameh” only for carrying water. Perhaps  ,if  he attacked to troops of enemies  apparently he attained to more success. But he  did not think to victory according to appearances but he considered to quench thirsty of children and women  and obedienced from order of Imam Salutation to him.

"Abbas" salutation to him recognized important of matter and departed toward “Alghameh” because his leader had requested of him.

Although, he didn’t success to bring water for children but obtained medal of bondage on the way of God and became sample of  salve of sincere of God.

"Abbas" teaches to us that merely don’t think to victory and success according apparent scales ,but, it is better that before everything we think to important of affairs, although understanding of importance of affaire is not easy, but if we learn and know sample of action from "Abbas" and other pioneers we would become closer to the goal.

Unconditional and strict obedience of "Abbas" from his religious leaders is very same, shouting in the heart of history, according to     my view this is most beautiful ,message ,from "Abbas" for mankind. That, struggle and effort is more important than success and victory.

Oh "Abbas" you are  dissolver of difficulties and chapter of necessities.

Today and all days my necessities ,is, recognizing way and course of affair in my life.


Part 18

The seventh part of "Abbas" prayer is that:

“you sacrificed and your sacrifice was based on recognition and knowledge”.

At the other place “Imam sadegh” salutation to  him had described his uncle "Abbas" so such:

“our uncle was owner of recognition and insight” why element of recognition and insight has so such importance.

Assume you are passing from a place you see some persons that are throwing up numbers bricks. Apparently they are going to build a structure, you ask of them about their goal, they answer, we don’t know nothing.

You ask them what are you building  and  also ,you ask them about plan and kind of structure, they answer we have not in formation. 

In this case, certainly, you would become amaze because information about target and purpose has a lot of importance.

By watching at nature accurately we notice that trees at the beginning of winter would create root in the earth ,at the season spring  they  will make, bud and will give bloom.

Indeed fruit on the trees is resulted of root which at the winter was running in the earth.

Indeed  root is reason of stability of trees on the earth but a plant which has not rooted in the inside of the earth easily become pull off from earth.

So we must struggle to obtain knowledge and culture from the , of     the way,reaching to recognition.

Recognition is the same running root and spreading it   from inside. One day, I ,went, for visit of the nature to out of  city there, was an elder tree which attracted my attention this elder  tree had gone toward sky. ,

By watching of  the  tree I thought  about an examination I took a stone and threw up toward sky with complete power, the stone went up high and higher it went up as much as elevation of tree, but quickly came down to the earth.

I thought about reason of coming down stone and being permanent tree in the earth.

I noticed stone went up until there was need to a power ,when power finished, stone returned and, now we must think that ,whether our motion ,is, motion of stone toward “height” or is stability, of tree in the earth.

We are similar the tree that is permanent in the earth. And vice-versa the stone that has not power from inside. So until stone receive power from out-side   its motion toward high will continue, as soon as cutting power the stone will crash quickly.

Man kind must learn from tree, with dependence to the root it will grow from inside and move.

“Abbas” teaches to man kinds  must ,accept   recognition and awareness,  before   everything we must begin motion,: at the time that  we  reache to the recognition, at that case, there is nothing that can prevent  us from cours  that we have chosen. at the day before “Ashoora” “Shemr” brought immunity  letter for “Abbas” but he didn’t accept, original reason  was that, he has grown  in the space of wisdom,

* * * “

At the afternoon of the day of 23th month of “Zihajje a group of people attache to the caravan of "Hossain" salutation to him they intend, to depart with he to "Karbala" for helping to him their action was not result of thought and  deliberation, therefor as soon as they heard  the news of war and martyrdom of “Muslims Ebne Aghil” agent ,of ,imam ,immediately ,they  understood that war was serious .so ,doubt became appearance in them

"Hossain" decided to speak with them.

He said to him:

Oh my companions be aware, people of "Koofeh" abandon us alone each of you who, be, interested   can return.

among  my companions each one who is able to resistance in front of wound of sward, remain with me.

The speech of "Hossain" salutation to him was very short and clears it was a message which all presents recognized it.

Many people became discouraged and decided to retune. Although they were with "Hossain" until half-way but they abandon him and separated from he, because their actions were not according to recognition and awareness.

* * *

Part 19

This is the eight part of prayer of “Abo Alfaze, Abbas” that has been chosen.

Oh "Abbas" I hope God associated between you and I in paradise where is locality of reverend  people.

This part of prayer has more effect as if in this speech there is important secret.

This speech reveal locality of "Abbas" with modest and humble at paradise.

Why  about  sacrifice, different worships,  and other traits, have not be discussed.

What trait has adjectives of modest and humble?

In the case of  being humility, person can  be neighbor and companion of Abbas at paradise.

When I thought about subject of humility and modesty I Remembered “Feroun” king of “Mesr”.

“Feroun” had claim of divinity ,why?

A little deliberation and thought settled me in the space of “Feroun”.

If ,I was, at situation of he ,perhaps, I also had the same claim.

All of us in  space of our life are small “feroun” we are involved of egotism but in smaller scale, indeed our “mesr” is smaller, while “Mesr of ,,feroun” was a large country.

I remember one day I rode to a bus to travel, the bus was empty I want to sit on the first seat but driver, prevent me to sit, on the first seat.

He told me, don,t sit on this seat , while it  was empty   .  

I   said  way, he said, I ,say:    By hear this talk I noticed driver is an egotist person and want show his egotism in the small  bus ,indeed his role in the bus was the same role of “Feroun” at the country of “mesr”.

Devil also performs his role at the body and soul of human similar of role of “Freon” at the “Mesr”.

He also shows  each guilt  at glance of men  attractive  and acceptable .So such that human imagine themselves   -justified for performing all  guilt .

Human imagine wealth ,presidency, and other welfares ,,are his privilege ,so, if he see existence of them in danger, from point  of view   he  performing of each action would be acceptable, even if  be killing of "Hossain" salutation to him.

Now a day  this question is discussed,

What  element become motivation for human that assume himself immune   infront of guilt

They that did line-up opposite of Hussein salutation to him for, war ,imagined killing him is unconditionally worship ,this wrong opinion, demonstrate that  the unconsciously worship. Cannot ,behopful

   It   is said: devil worshiped for a long time in such a manner that one pray of he ,lasted four thousand years.

Nevertheless by this pray he was not delivered.

* * *

Performing of the night party and helping to poor men and doing all other worship, although are useful and may be reason of salvation but has not many interval with arrogance and perdition that devil involved to it.

    Which was reason perdition devil  was arrogance resulting from his worship which performed during the thousands years

In reality , this is the course of perdition in front of  way of blissing.

It is clear that arrogance resulting from worship do us far away from God.

Vice a versa enjoying from God kindness merely would be possible by  modesty.

So, we read in these prayers “who are modest they would be associated with Abbas at paradise.

From one side I see devil that with long age  , and along with  plentiful   worship was driven from God court.

On the other hand ,I see broken heart who are nearer to God.

Indeed : “dividing line of between  people  that are  driven from court God and people are nearer to shrine of safe of divine  , is only modesty and broken heart for unlimited satisfaction of God.

When God chose “Moosa” for prophet hood and request of him to lead people to the correct course and right way, chose him  as “Kalim Allah”.

This surname means a person who is colloquist with God  and  this is great position.

“Moosa” wanted to know what is reason be installed he at this position.

One day God bided to him. Oh “Mosa” do you want to know why I  installed you to this position?

“Mosa” said: yes.

God bided: I investigated  among my slaves I found you humblest and most modest from all slaves. You put his face on the earth, in front of my magnificence, by this reason I chose you as this surname.

Then, this was secret attraction of  favour of  God this  is the very same modest and humble.

On the contrary, sometimes human succeed to reading a prayer but perhaps this cheerful state become reason of his arrogance, this arrogance is the same adjective of devil.

How Lucky  person who has not this cheerful state, but his heart is empty from arrogance.

Sometimes a drop tear flow from human eyes that it  involve with such arrogance that imagine angels must ,upraise, him on their hands.

A drop of Tear that make such expecting in human is obstacle human growth.

Some  slaves God  “Create” background of worship in themselves  all night stay awake  for night pray and begin to worship but God is aware from arrogance danger that is may, become appear at them.

For being immune  from this danger divine providence will   occur deep sleep for him

Some hours expire  after sun raise he awake from sleep his pray of morning is canceled naturally become worried in this state he send away from himself his arrogance and become rescued from corruption.

This separation from arrogance is more available from cheerful state at the night pray.

* * *

Human must learn this prayer of Imam “Sajjad” that he   say“oh God when ever grant me before people dignity and respect settle before myself as much as humble and modest.

This prayer likely  wants to say:

If human feel humble ness inside of himself he has achieved  the mystery of bliss, vice -versa persons who see themselves great they   involve to arrogance and far away from blissing this is great difficulty that when human succeed to perform worship see him higher than others.

* * *

I repeat another time this sentence of prayer: oh Abbas I am hopeful God collected among you and I at paradise , there that is the place habitation in paradise.


Part 20

Certainly you have heard the name of “Nahieh” prayer.

This prayer is stated by “Imam Mahdy” salutation to him .

At this prayer the name of all martyrs of Karbala have been stated and saluted to them, and have  talk  about painful accidents.

One day I studied this prayer I tried  to understand what subjection he is stated about “Abbas” salutation to him.

In this prayer these are sentences about “Abbas”. he salute to Abbas the son of Ali salutation to him who that his life scarified for his brother and exploited from his yesterday for his tomorrow, he settled him shield for his brother.

I thought  about this sentence “How Abbas” exploited from his past for his future  it  has great and deep meaning.    “ this sentence  that he used from his world for his resurrection.

“Abbas” knew world nicely and knew   it is worthless  so, his mind was empty from love and dependence.

However  he was not found of the world and its momentary joys.

So he was found of the way of luck and his heart was immune from darkness.every one  has found success entering to paradise, become enjoying from eternally blessings, and this is great blessing, world life is utter puppet, really life is at the  resurrection.

If   everyone  believe to this truth, never so such would not depend  on to it.

“Abbas” and other great men had recognized that  truth  life of this world  is only deceit full puppet.

* * *


Part 21

More than one thousand and, four hundreds and fraction years before that prophet abandon the  world ,some group opposition appeared   among Muslims ,their opposition was about prophet substitute,. At the first they were divided in two denomination, after that they were divided to divers  denomination.

Although there are most valid and most reliable historical books in each two group for confirmation speeches of justifiable but, there were not suitable and complete  books to perform  their roll properly so differences not only is so such remained, but at the length of history have been added.

For example, I have a memory in my mind that happened more than  ten years ago and I narrate.

About ten years ago, at the month of “Moharam” ceremony related to mourning was settled, I was invited to lecture.

One day, one of young students ,came   before me and said: why you appeal from “Abbas”. whenever you have difficulty in this case you are not monotheist.

I said : we only worship, unitary God , in the case  existence of trouble if   we call “Abbas” we don’t adore him but only we appeal to him.

The student said: appealing  Abbas is the same ,polytheism  -,I said:   yes, addressing Abbas as God   is polytheism but if he be known as  slave God and only be under the care  for his eminent status it is not polytheism, the young student said, every one call any body except GOD for his necessities ,he is polytheist ,appealing in every case is poly theism.

I asked him about his religion, he said I am “Sunni” I asked his view about “Omar Khattab” said: we know him as second “Kalifet” for Muslims and also we are believe he did many, effort , for expansion of Islam. I said to him if you believe everyone appeal   from anybody unless God he is polytheist  so, second kaliphe is polytheist 

The young man became provoked, immediately I invited  him to calmness and said I don’t  consider “ omar”  as polytheist but resulting to your speech became this faith and, then, I explained my speech and I said:

Did you have heard at one year from years  of caliphate,of Omar Ebaneh Khattab” resulting of nonexistence of rain ,famine ,happened  at Islamic country , he called prophet uncle and said: oh God we appeal to prophet uncle and request of you for his status , descend your rain on our earth.

Then ,I said,: this narrative has come in the most valid book of “Sunni” you can refer to it.

And I added  there is not more valid of “bokhary” book  for ssony and. shiit  This  subject has come in the sixteenth volume of these books.

When my speech reached to this stage, the young  man, became, silent and began to think and didn’t answer. It was clear either he was unaware from, such books or he didn’t study them.

Certainly he has received his   religion  f rom“vahabion” and he is not aware from affair of ,his religion


Part 22

The day was before “Ashoora” famous to the day of “Tassoa” the day that all people settle ceremony of mourning.

I was aware that ,two hour afternoon a great group  entitled to “Aboo A Fazl” will move from “Hosainieh

I came out hurry from house.

People in different group were going towards “Hossineih” I arrived on time, flags  were raised and group s were moving , I glanced to high flag which was written on it the name of “Abo Al Fazle”.

I departed toward it I took the textile of flag in my hand and put on my eyes and  then kissed.

I usually refer to my channel internet to investigate and answering questions.

That night  I saw strange message have been sent. This is the text of message.

Hello master “Khodamian” I am a young my age is twenty years. Today I had come to the street for watching  I saw you that  kissed the flag , why do you  do other.

Why do you put a piece of text tile on your eyes and  did kiss  whether don’t you know this action is polytheism, this work is a kind of superstition, at a period  some people  did  worship and  today you do this  action by flag. If common people do such action is not strange but why do you do.

By reading this message I understood every person has sent it certainly has been under effect “Vahhabion” they are who don’t accept blessedness .

And now I must answer to him at  utter most respect.

I established connection after saying hello and, then I asked  do you accept “Koran”.

He said: yes I am Muslim and “Koran” is the word  of God.

I said: do you have read the verse number 96 “usoph” chapter that say to brothers of “Usoph” :

give my shirt to my father and say to him put my shirt on his eyes by permission of God, he would obtain eye sight. He said: yes I have read.

When father of “Yousof” put the shirt of him on his eye what happen.

“Koran” says,  he obtained his  eyesight.

Indeed, why “Yosoof” sent his shirt for father, because in  it, there was effect  ,,“Koran” says, the shirt would remedy by God permit.

How, when “Yaaghoobe” put the shirt of “Yousof” on his eyes to give recovery, isn’t polytheism, but kissing flag is polytheism.

Speech that reached to this place he did not answer.  I  considered this  subject    as  an opportunity and,  I said, did “Yaaghoob” was  prophet  of  God ?  he put the shirt of his son on his eye and kissed as we know his eyes became insight  Whether action of “yaaghoob” has not conflict with  monotheism, but my action mean kissing flag of “Abbas” is idol worshiping.


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